The Ultimate Dachshund Accelerator Program

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What you'll get:

  • Learn how to feel less stressed, less embarrassed and more confident 
  • Ongoing regular support
  • Regular Access to professionals 

The Ultimate Dachshund Accelerator will see you and your Dachshund build the strongest of bonds together. 

Why online?

Online learning is less stressful for everyone, especially your Dachshund if they struggle with new people. The focus is on having less stress so learning can take place at a faster rate. 

The aim of the course is to help you and your Dachshund live better lives together whether that is calm, leisurely walks or learning how to manage more complex behaviours to stay within the law.

We help you to follow our 5 step methodology setting the structure for your Dachshunds learning by starting at the beginning because we cant learn to run before we can walk right?. 

You will learn:

How to get your Dachshund focused on you

How to get them listening to you

How to read their body language and how to communicate with them

You will learn life skills, boundaries and how to manage complex (often scary) behaviours.

What you will get

Access for 6 months into our comprehensive learning portal.

Access for 6 months to qualified instructors.

Group learning in our masterclasses.

Extra support if required

Access into our facebook community 

[6 months access into the online learning, 6 months access to live sessions. Some Dachshunds may require your vets intervention]

What People Are Saying:

I cant recommend The Dogs Code highly enough, although we have only been on the training course for a few weeks we have already learnt and achieved so much. Mabel is now 18 months old and I've struggled with her behaviour but with guidance from Katie and her team Mabel is showing real improvement and enthusiasm for her training. Just amazing.

Sandra and Mabel

Genuinely a huge lifeline. Cannot overstate enough how fantastic this course is. I would recommend this to anybody. I thought me and my pup would be living a life of solitude but the course has helped more then I thought possible.

Will and Chilli

£200.00 GBP

Every month

30 day trial
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Terms & Conditions


“The Dogs Code” refers to The Dogs Code Ltd, and the employees thereof. “The Dogs Codes Team” refers to “The Dogs Code” and other individuals involved in administering The Dogs Code Products and Services. “Mentors” refers to individuals who are experts and are engaged by The Dogs Code for the purpose of speaking to, and mentoring Participants on the scheduled dates and times of the supplied Products and Services. “Participants” refers to those individuals who sign up for The Dogs Code Products and Services. “Products and Services” refers herein to the Products or Services supplied by The Dogs Code to its Participants. “Scheduled Events” refers to the in-person or online meetings and webinars that are on pre-set dates and times.


2. Confidentiality

Participants must be committed to confidentiality. Participants help each other by sharing ideas and experimenting with concepts. Information shared within the group must remain confidential. The Dogs Code does not, however, guarantee nor will The Dogs Code be liable, you are responsible for your dogs training and the advice given is educational. You do not need to share confidential information to fully experience the positive results of participation if you do not feel it is appropriate to do so.


3. Intellectual Property of The Dogs Code

Participants will be receiving extensive information, literature, handouts, strategies, tests, products and materials (“materials”) as part of participating in The Dogs Code Products and Services. These materials have been developed over several years and the copyrights belong to The Dogs Code Ltd, and individual members of The Dogs Code Team or Mentors. Participants do not own the materials provided to them during participation in Products and Services and have no right to duplicate, copy, adapt, transmit, sell, teach or licence the materials in any way, shape or form. The materials are strictly for your personal use only as a Participant.


4. Participant Commitments

The Dogs Code is committed to developing their Participants. Participants need to be as committed as we are to the process and the work associated with Products and Services.


5. Changes to Product and Services

In the unlikely event that The Dogs Code needs to make a change to an event venue, date or time or replace a Mentor or other speaker, or make any other change to a module or event, The Dogs Code maintains the right to do so.


6. Information Only

The Dogs Code Products and Services constitute “Information Only” and do not constitute medical, financial or legal recommendations or advice. You are recommended to engage licenced professional advice for medical, legal and financial needs.


7. Business with those in The Dogs Code community

Any business or services provided to other Participants within your cohort or the wider Dogs Code community is done so at your own risk. We do not endorse any business, nor we do not accept payments, gifts or commissions of any business dealings entered into by you, or others known to you. Equally, we do not accept any liability for business dealings that you choose to enter into with other clients or those in the wider Dogs Code community.


8. Complaints Policy

The Dogs Code takes all complaints seriously. Should a Participant have a complaint about a Trainer The Dogs Code team member, or any part of the Product and Service they have enrolled in, The Dogs Code will take every reasonable step to rectify the issue. Participant complaints are to be emailed to [email protected]. Once the The Dogs Code team receives the complaint email, Participants should allow 48 working hours for a confirmation email to be received. The Dogs Code will always aim to fully resolve any issues within 14 working days of first email being received. Neither party will go online or escalate into a legal processes without first allowing the 14 working days for investigation and resolution. Neither party will publicly complain on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc. without first attempting to resolve the issue mutually within the 14 working day period. Products and Services constitute “Information Only” and do not constitute medical, financial or legal recommendations or advice. You are recommended to engage licenced professional advice for medical, legal and financial needs.


9. Payment Plan Conditions

If you elected to pay fees at a certain time, we will obtain your credit card information and charge authorisation, and will bill your credit card on the respective date. If we are unable to process your payment on the due date, we will make 2 additional attempts within 7 days. If your payment is not processed on the third attempt, a processing fee of £35 will be added to your outstanding payment. If full payment remains unpaid for more than 14 days, your right to attend and participate in the chosen Products and Services will be suspended until your account is brought up to date. If payment remains unpaid for more than 30 days, you will be charged a late payment fee of 10% of the outstanding balance and you will begin to incur interest on the unpaid balance in the amount of 1.5% per month, or the maximum allowed by law if lower than 1.5% per month. Because our billing system is automated, requests to make changes to your payment plan will incur a £35 administrative fee to your next payment.


10. Cancellation Policy

All Products and Services have a limited number of participants per session. Accordingly, once you sign up to participate we have a strict cancellation policy as follows: This is excluding VAT. If you paid full in advance, or received a coupon, the amount will be adjusted accordingly, using the percentages above. At the sole discretion of The Dogs Code and only in the event of extreme circumstances, The Dogs Code may agree to allow another individual to take your place, to give you a credit to be used for a future The Dogs Code Product or Service, or to give you a refund. The Dogs Code is not obligated under any circumstances to make exceptions to the above stated cancellation policy. This cancellation policy applies whether you pay in full or enter into a payment plan.

You acknowledge that your results depend on the actions you take and that you are wholly responsible for your own results. You agree your commitment to doing the necessary work to achieve your own results. You acknowledge that The Dogs Code reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time. Termination by he Dogs Code will discharge any future performance by The Dogs Code, as well as any remaining payment obligations by you.

# of Days Until Product or Services Begins Amount Due and Payable

91 Days or more 20% of total amount due

60-90 Days 40% of total amount due

30-59 Days 70% of total amount due

29 Days or Less 100% of total amount due

Once programme has started 100% of total amount due

11. Products and Services Transfer

It is at the sole discretion of The Dogs Code to permit you to transfer to another Product or Service. The Dogs Code reserves the right to charge 20% of the total fee in addition to the original amount paid should a transfer be permitted. This must be paid prior to a transfer officially occurring.


12. Breach of Terms and Conditions

Material breach of these terms and conditions may, at the sole discretion of The Dogs Code, result in termination of your rights as a Participant. No refund will be provided to Participants terminated for cause and Products and Services fees not yet paid remain due and payable in accordance with the payment plan schedule.


13. Collections

If The Dogs Code has to send your account to collections or pursue legal action for non-payment of fees, then The Dogs Code shall be entitled to recover its associated legal fees and costs.


14. eLearning Portal

If you are enrolled into an Accelarator Service, you will be given access to our eLearning Portal. Your access is valid for 6 months from the date that your course begins, after which you will be automatically on a monthly subscription until cancelled with a 30 day notice period.

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